CFL - Caminho de Ferro de Luanda (Luanda/Angola Railway Company) and ATECFA - Angola Railway Techicians Assocition jointly organise this Thursday 9th June a journay of railway safety campgain in the framework of International Level Crossing Awareness Day -ILCAD-.

A train of CFL equipped with sound system will circulate from the Bungo - CFL main station up to Viana, about 30km which the most critical track related to level crossing accidents. CFL and ATECFA Railway safety officials aim to educate and persuade passengers and the general public to behave safely when using our stations and level crossings.

CFL the operator of the railway and ATECFA as a non-profit association, are key players for a safer railway operations and responsible for keeping passengers and those who live or work near the railway safe. We take this responsibility very seriously, so we do all we can to raise awareness of how to stay safe on the railway.
Mario Bernardo Cuambua ATECFA - Angola Railway Technicians Associations