Company : Hellenic Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas”

Contact :

  • Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona
  • info@ioas.gr

Contacts at Press/Communication:

  • Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona
  • Dimitris Lazaridis


Video ILCAD 2024 in Greek
ILCAD playlist

List of partners

  • HELLENIC TRAIN S.A. A company of the FS Group (ex-TRAINOSE S.A.)
  • RAS - Railway Regulatory Authority

Awareness measures
1. Press Release on 6th of June issued by IOAS(RSI) Panos Mylonas, RAS and HELLENIC TRAIN S.A. sent to press and media (Radio, TV, car press, political press) 2.. e-Banner created for RSI, RAS and HELLENIC TRAIN S.A. web site to highlight the message. The banner directs the link to the press release and video 3. Social media promotion:You Tube channel, Facebook,Twitter, RSI, RAS and HELLENIC TRAIN S.A.’s Newsletters 4. Upload of the POSTERS, LEAFLETS & VIDEO prepared for ILCAD2024 on 6/06/24 on R.S.I. Panos Mylonas & Partners sites & social media