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For statistics:
Indian Railways ILCAD 2016 Statistics

List of partners:

  • All 16 Zonal Railway under Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

List of awareness measures

  • Massive campaign on all 16 zonal railways by means of sending sms, distributing of hand bills etc. Also all the railways shall interact with media/press and brief about the safety issues at level crossing. Joint ambush check at level crossing will be conducted in association of local police. Cultural Program, Road-Show will be organized to make the public aware. One Week long "Level Crossing Safety Week" will be observed from 6th June to 10th June 2016 out of which 10th June 2016 will be observed as ILCAD-2016.

Photo of National Daily (Hindustan Times) in HINDI (Indian National Language) . It is regarding ILCAD ( अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय लेवल क्रासिंग जागरूकता दिवस) seen at top right corner.


  • documentary where about 30 persons were killed from one village on level crossing. It is by name : Ehsaas- Level Crossing". It’s on you tube also. Please include this for current year.
    Though this is in hindi but it’s very touching and was broadcast nation wide on National TV Network of India (DD).
    I am in Kolkata (East India) have round table conference of 5 Zonal Railway regarding preparation of ILCAD 2014. I am here for two day conference.
  • Safety Conciousness Drive by INDIAN RAILWAYS ( Bhawnagar Division of Western Railway) - Gujrati Language
  • India:
  • Safety Drive by INDIAN RAILWAY- Animated Video- Hindi Language
  • Satety Conciousness Unmanned Level Crossing-Video -Kids going to school-South Indian Language:


South Central Railway-S.C.R: