List of partners
Mostly local partners : Latvian State Police, the only passenger-carrying railway company in Latvia "Pasažieru vilciens", local schools, child psychologists, SLLC “Children’s Clinical University Hospital”.

Awareness measures
In 2022, LDz organized an awareness campaign, “Notice rails – make a pause !”, with the aim to remind people about the need to cross rail tracks safely and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities from railway accidents. Data shows that the general trend is for railway deaths to decrease. Still, 20 people lost their lives in 2022, most of them because of their own recklessness or hastiness.
The LDz awareness campaign’s slogan “Notice rails - make a pause !” is an appeal to pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and other traffic participants to pause before crossing rail tracks. It is also a call to pause music in headphones, texting or browsing mobile devices, as well as to pause distracting thoughts about work or other matters from swirling in head and to look up, listen and cross the rail tracks only when it is safe and where permitted, so you can live on.
To make sure the reminder about safety around rail tracks and the consequences of ignoring safety measures reaches as large part of society as possible, LDz placed information materials on television, radio, social networks and in outdoor settings – on digital screens on streets or buildings, passenger trains and other public transport, as well as at the post offices of Latvijas Pasts. Also, LDz invited all schoolchildren and teachers from Latvia to participate in the creative competition, “Notice rails – make a pause !” , whose main objective was to create a video version of the campaign’s visual solution and slogan. The schoolchildren danced, sang and moved them in drawings, etc.

Video from the 2022 campaign

Other comments
To raise awareness of safety, LDz not only organizes annual social campaigns reminding about safe conduct around rail tracks, but also gives safety lessons to children in schools and preschool institutions. In the safety lessons, children and young adults are taught about correct and safe conduct around rail tracks and on the train, as well as learn a lot of interesting facts about railway. In 2022, LDz specialists with their Safety Lessons, both in person and online, have already visited nearly 200 classes at schools and preschool institutions across Latvia, teaching safe rail track crossing rules to approximately 4 000 children and youths.

  • Active level crossings
    Level crossing where the crossing users are protected from or warned of the approaching train by the activation of devices when it is unsafe for the user to traverse the crossing.
  • Passive level crossings
    Level crossing without any form of warning system and/or protection activated when it is unsafe for the user to traverse the crossing. *Pedestrian hit at LC
    Including mechanical and electrical bicycles and other alternative mobility vehicles

Videos from the past campaign