Company : Norwegian National Rail Administration - Jernbaneverket

Contact :

  • Pål Buset
  • pal.buset@banenor.no
  • 4797540607

Company’s website : www.banenor.no

Level crossings’ website : /

National campaign website : /

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNDyD4RZrNwiWrUKgmnkYzQ

Facebook : /

Twitter: https://twitter.com/banenorsf?lang=no

Contacts at Press/Communication:

Pål Buset / 4797540607 / pal.buset@banenor.no

Thor Erik Skarpen / 4791655144 / thor.erik.skarpen@banenor.no


List of awareness measures :

MiniØya and JUBA JUBA (festivals aimed at children), personell handing out booklets anf flyers on stations and selectet LCs, posters on stations and selected LCs, SoMe-campain featuring a new video, the very same video running on information screens on selected stations, personell visiting a number of schools and kindergartens, campains aimed at hikers, angelers and seasonal tourists.