• Total length of lines (km): 18533 km
  • Total number of train km/year (thousands): 207 600 km
  • Total number of Level crossings in 2010: 14168
  • Total number of Level crossings in 2011: 14058
  • Total number of Level crossings in 2012: 13864
  • Total number of Level crossings in 2013: 13120
  • Total number of accidents in 2009: 259
  • Total number of accidents in 2010: 257
  • Total number of accidents in 2011: 205
  • Total number of accidents in 2012: 224
  • Total number of accidents in 2013: 211
  • Total number of fatalities in 2009: 50
  • Total number of fatalities in 2010: 29
  • Total number of fatalities in 2011: 32
  • Total number of fatalities in 2012: 37
  • Total number of fatalities in 2013: 35
  • Partners
  • PKP Polish Railway Lines Company
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  • Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport
  • Railway Institute
  • Publishing house INFRAMEDIA
  • Mazovian Railways
  • Chief of State Fire Service
  • Chief Command of Police
  • Chief Command of Border Guard
  • Chief of Command Military Police
  • KOW media&marketing Ltd.
  • Neptis Ltd. (flotis.pl, yanosik.pl)
  • PKP Cargo Company
  • PKP Informatyka Company
  • PKP Intercity Company
  • Polcast Television (Polonia 1, Tele5)
  • The Polish Red Cross
  • Polish Radio
  • Editorial office „Rzeczpospolita”
  • Shell Polska Ltd.
  • TK Telekom Ltd.
  • Polish State Television - TVP Info
  • Office of Rail Transport
  • Polish Scouts Union

Awareness measures foreseen:

  • Inauguration of the awareness campaign on 23th May.
  • Various activities carried out in Warsaw and 22 other cities across Poland by regional Railway Lines.
  • The main events take place in Warsaw and include a simulated train-car collision combined with a save and rescue action in cooperation with railway services, police and firemen.
  • On the 23th of May PKP PLK carried out the 10th inauguration of the awareness campaign – Safe rail-road level crossing – “Stop and live!”.
  • In 23 cities and towns across Poland: crash tests with trains hitting cars along with save&rescue actions, press-briefings, conferences etc.
  • For the second time, in Warsaw: simulation of a train hitting a trespassing pedestrian. A lot of officials involved in the project.
  • Safety awareness activities carried out throughout the year across the country including TV spots, Radio spots, press articles, company vehicles covered with the campaign’s desing, banners on level crossings, leaflets, posters, gadgets, educational meetings, etc.
  • On 3th June we will be actively communicating during ILCAD.
  • Our company will use the 2014 film made in collaboration between UIC/UNECE and the Swiss Federal Ministry of Transport
  • Use of ILCAD 2014 posters (with professionnal vehicles)
  • Exhibition around the 4th UIC drawing contest for children on level crossing safety
  • Participation as a speaker in the ILCAD international press conference and round table on 3 June 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Photos of the 2014 campaign

SPOT 2013

SPOT 2012

SPOT 2011

pre-recorded Speech of Remigiusz Paszkiewicz, PKP PLK for ILCAD 2012