1. Representant for GREAT BRITAIN: England, Scotland and Wales: NETWORK RAIL

  • Network Rail
  • Allan Spence
  • allan.spence@networkrail.co.uk
  • +44 7808 655239
  • Sandy Bell-Ashe
  • sandy.bell-ashe@networkrail.co.uk
  • 44 7739776354
  • for statistics:
  • _____________________________________________________________________
  • List of partners involved:
  • Network Rail,
  • British Transport Police,
  • Industry,
  • National and regional media
  • List of awareness measures:
  • "Launch of new virtual reality videos
  • to engage diverse at rism groups - especially dog walkers, those distracted by mobile devices and users of automatic crossings"
  • Participation in ILCAD 2017 Launch Conference in Montréal
  • 2. Second ILCAD partner in Northern Ireland
  • Translink - NI Railways
  • Northern Ireland -United Kingdom
  • Keith Pollock
  • keith.pollock@translink.co.uk
  • 442890351201
  • Contact names and coordinates of the Press/Communication person(s) in my company :
  • Kerry Graye
  • +442890899455
  • kerrygraye@translink.co.uk
  • Translink Statistics click here:
  • List of partners involved in our campaign :
  • Police Service for Northern Ireland, Transport NI

Awareness measures in Northern Ireland:

  • Distribute safety information and advice at key locations around the NI Railways Network. Attend regional agricultural events to promote the safe use of public and private crossings. Raise awareness through local/regional press/social media.
  • Use of ILCAD video
  • Friday 2nd June
    We distributed safety information and advice to pedestrians, drivers and railway users in Cullybackey Village, Co Antrim. Cullybackey has three automatic half barrier crossings and a busy railway station beside one of the crossings. We have also been able to raise awareness through local/regional press/social media.
    Colleagues within the Department for Infrastructure supported us through their social media.
  • Saturday 3rd June
    We attended the Ballymoney Agricultural Show, Co. Antrim and promoted the safe use of crossings with the visitors to the show. Images and articles will be circulated to the local press and through social media.

Supporting images here: