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  • Contact last name: SERGEEV
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  • Head of Division - Cooperation with UIC, International Cooperation Department
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+7 499 262 70 55
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  • Pilipenko Elena
  • Deputy Head of the Corporate Communication Department
  • +74992601137
  • pilipenkoev@center.rzd.ru
For statistics:
  • List of partners involved in our campaign :
  • Services of corporate communications of railways
  • List of awareness measures in all regions of Russia :
  • In the 1st quarter 2017, 3030 publications appeared in the regional mass media related to the safety at level crossings. These considered the following topics:
  • Development of approaches to level crossings and construction of over crossings at the intersections of motorways and railways at the same level – 320 publications;
  • Cooperation with government authorities of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation and with local authorities on the enhancement of safety at level crossings – 206 publications.
    As part of the International Level Crossings Awareness Day (ILCAD) on June 2nd, 2017, the following activities are traditionally planned by corporate communication services:
  • Events at level crossings, driving schools and in automobile companies, including preventive conversations on the necessity to observe traffic regulations at level crossings, with the participation of mass media;
  • Organization of mass media participation in the events featuring the representatives of regional authorities and the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and dedicated to level crossing safety issues;
  • Involvement of corporate mass media in the coverage of events organized by JSC “Russian Railways” aimed at improving traffic safety at level crossings;
  • Cooperation with regional mass media (interviewing authorized speakers, press tours to level crossings, distribution of press materials);
  • Distribution of printed and promotional products among the participants of events and activities.